Resources for CRESST II Researchers

CUA provides a wide range of resources to help new and continuing researchers, staff, interns, and students. While some of those resources are linked below you should always feel free to use both Dr. Wiklind and Mr. Burke as resources for both general and specific questions. They will act as your main points of contact with CUA and its services.

Practical Resources

  • Physics Department Specific Resources - The Physics Department works to provide detailed instructions to help navigate CUA Process. This resource page is the first place to look for help and it will continue to be updated and expanded to with specific instructions. If there is every instructions not provided please contact Mr. Burke.

General Resources

  • Human Resources
  • Visa Office (International Student Services) – ISS supports all the Visa needs for CUA researchers. While any Visa request must be initiated by Dr. Wiklind they can provide resources, instructions and support throughout the Visa process.
  • Sponsored Programs and Research – Sponsored Programs provides the approvals for all new and renewing awards including those that go through nspires.
  • Sponsored Accounting- Sponsored accounting manages research money ones it arrives at CUA. They provide final budget approval on appointments and reimbursements. While all of these tasks must be initiated at the Department level they do work with specific researchers when necessary.

Updated: 2019-Aug-13

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