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Lee Mundy

CRESST II Director


Dr. Lee Mundy is a Professor in the Astronomy Department at UMCP. He has nearly 30 years experience working with NASA GSFC, including serving as the Director of the predecessor CRESST Cooperative Agreement for 10 years. Dr. Mundy was the Chair of the Astronomy Department from 2002-2007 and is the Director of the Laboratory for Millimeter-wave Astronomy at UMCP. He has served on a wide range advisory and evaluation committees and panels for NASA, NSF, SOFIA, NRAO, and ALMA.


Dr Mundy's research focuses on the dense intersteller medium and the formation of stars and planets. Dr. Mundy utilizes ground and space based observations at radio, millimeter/sub-millimeter, and infrared wavelengths in his research. He has over 140 refereed publications.

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