NASA Sponsor Information on On-boarding

When new CRESST scientist or students are brought to GSFC to begin work with a sponsor, the CRESST II organization is responsible for establishing the task, confirming costs and verifying start/arrival dates with the sponsor. CRESST II will negotiate salaries, prepare formal employment offers, apply for foreign national visas, organize travel and/or relocation when authorized, and coordinate GSFC physical and IT access.

After the offer has been accepted, the sponsor must obtain office space and provide a computer (as needed). If the computer is a laptop to be used off-site, please provide the CRESST II office with the Equipment Control Number (ECN) for the Government Funded Equipment (GFE). We become responsible for the property control.

Extra Steps Required for Foreign National Hires:

If the new CRESST II employee is a Foreign National (FN), the sponsor will need to assist in the completion of a FN Access Control Plan (ACP) to input into the IDMAX system. Please review the job description and determine what buildings and computer hardware/software the employee will need to access. A FN access questionnaire is available to assist in the completion of the IDMAX application.

Most FNs are initially issued a limited-access badge. Limited access badge holders must be escorted by a "PIV" badge holder outside of the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on normal workdays. Approximately 100 business days after the FN employee receives a badge, their civil service sponsor may request an un-escorted after-hours badge from Brenda Dunlap, GSFC International Visits Coordinator for the Protective Services Division. Item #4 of the questionnaire allows sponsors to include justification for an exemption from this limited access requirement.

The FN must upload their documents to: in a timely manner. Leads times are considerably longer for FN hires so please plan accordingly. From the time the sponsor contacts CRESST II until the new employee arrives, it generally takes 4-8 weeks for US nationals/US permanent residents and 2-3 minimum months for foreign nationals.


Updated: 2017-Nov-18

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