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The hard X-ray image of 4U 0115+63 obtained in the 2004 InFOCuS flight (20-40keV)
The hard X-ray image of 4U 0115+63 obtained in the 2004 InFOCμS flight (20-40keV)

CRESST Summer Internship Program

College students, both graduate and undergraduate - enrolled or accepted to US colleges or universities, are encouraged to click on the above link to review opportunities for 10-week paid internships -- working with astronomy and astrophysics researchers based at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. For examples of projects undertaken in previous years, see:

2009 Student Intern Reports:


UMBC On-Campus Program

Contact the University of Maryland, Baltimore County's Department of Physics (Joint Center for Astrophysics) and specifically the JCA's Undergrad & Graduate internship program website(s).

GSFC Initiatives

CRESST scientists play an important role in the education and outreach activities of GSFC's Science and Exploration Directorate. Descriptions of the Astrophysics Science Directorate (ASD) education activities and projects can be found on the first link below. The second link provides a sample list of GSFC-based scientists, within the ASD, who have an on-going need for students, along with some information on the projects and required skills (this is by no means the complete list of student opportunities):

Additional student employment opportunities, associated with the other areas within the Goddard Space Flight Center, can be accessed from the link below:


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