Requesting a Scientific Visitor Through CRESST

Scientific visitors to GSFC provide new ideas, needed expertise, and novel perspectives, adding vitality to the Goddard research environment. Visitors benefit from the Goddard's scientific and technical expertise, which visitors convey to their home institutes. University based scientists, often partners on missions or projects, can also be very useful to represent GSFC at meetings, conferences, etc. In both cases, it may be appropriate for GSFC to cover associated costs and handle the arrangements.

As part of our CRESST Cooperative Agreement, USRA is the CRESST team member responsible for handling these activities/arrangements. The CRESST official in charge of this program is Dr. Michael Corcoran, the USRA/CRESST Associate Director. Ms. Lynette Queen is the CRESST/USRA Visitor/Meeting Coordinator, who does all the actual work.

To Arrange for a Visitor

A GSFC sponsor should:

  1. Make sure there's a CRESST visitor task set up that can be used to support the visit. Many GSFC civil servants already have such tasks in place. If not, or if you're not sure, please contact Ms. Queen or Mr. David Holdridge, the CRESST Program Manager.
  2. Fill out the on-line CRESST Visitor Request Form. This can be filled out by the visitor or the sponsor. The sponsor will receive an e-mail confiming desired arrangements. Be sure to include the task name, task sponsor and her/his e-mail address.

Visit requests must be made in a timely manner so GSFC security, visa, and reimbursement requests can be accomodated. For visits by US citizens, requests should be made at least 2 weeks before the arrival of the visitor. For visits by Foreign Nationals, requests should be made at least 4 weeks before the visitor's arrival.

Once the visit is entered into the Visitor Request Form, the CRESST visitor coordinator will:

  • Generate a travel agreement;
  • Request a GSFC Badge, if requested
  • Arrange for a visa, if requested;
  • Arrange for lodging, if desired.
  • Notify the visitor and sponsor of the status of the arrangements

Visitors receive an e-mail with an outline of the appointment terms, then a formal letter of invitation, an Agreement for Temporary Appointment form (to be signed and returned before the travel/appointment commences), and an expense voucher form. In general, visitors are expected to purchase tickets plus make hotel and auto rental reservations, and then to seek reimbursement following return to their home institution. However, USRA can arrange for some additional services, such as direct bill at a local hotel and/or a car rental agency - under certain circumstances.

(Last updated: 8/5/15)