GSFC Sponsor Information

The Center has been established under a Cooperative Agreement with NASA/GSFC, and covers scientific research and development activities within Codes 660, 670, and 690 – as well as at relevant departments at the University of Maryland College Park and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Physics Department. This section is intended to provide a brief overview of what potential GSFC civil service sponsors need to know in order to conduct activities within CRESST.

For more information, or to pursue a new relationship, please contact Lee Mundy, the CRESST Director, who has been designated as the CRESST main point of contact. Alternatively, Tracy Huard, Jane Turner, and Michael Corcoran, the three Associate Directors – along with David Holdridge, the Program Manager, can also provide needed information. Please see the Key Personnel page for contact information.

(Updated 8/4/15)