GSFC Security & IT Access for CRESST Personnel


In order to provide for both physical and network security, GSFC has a series of requirements which must be accomplished before a CRESST employee or visitor can work effectively on-site on the Center. CRESST will take responsibility for identifying what steps are needed and guiding both sponsor and CRESST personnel through the processes. In all cases, a security badge must be obtained to coincide with the arrival date of the CRESST visitor or employee. Also, if the individual needs to work on computer systems that access the Center Network Environment, we must go through an application/approval process. The requirements vary primarily depending on a) citizenship, and b) expected time-period on-Center. What follows are the general requirements and steps involved, for various "categories" of CRESST-sponsored visitors and employees, along with links to the appropriate GSFC websites. 


  • Security defines short-term as less than 6 months
  • Security also defines foreign nationals to include U.S. citizens or permanent residents employed by foreign corporations, but does not include naturalized US citizens.
  • For purposes of badging and IT access, US permanent residents need to go through the same process as foreign nationals
  • Finally, Guest CNE wireless access is available in most GSFC buildings, which provides unsecured access to the Internet. However, long-term on-site staff must obtain CNE network access (and be included in the LISTS and NOMAD systems).

Employee/Visitor Categories:

  1. U.S. Citizen - CRESST employee
  2. Foreign National - CRESST employee
  3. U.S. Citizen - short term visitor
  4. Short term Visitor but needing CNE access


(Last Updated 12/2/09)