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Establishing CRESST Tasks

Under the conventions of the CRESST cooperative agreement a task is essentially an accounting designation. It does not carry with it all the same characteristics of a task order within a NASA contract. A task has a unique task number, normally associated with a single primary GSFC civil service sponsor, generally tied to the GSFC organization code, and either for "science" or for "special programs." Science tasks are associated with CRESST scientific staff or graduate students. Special programs tasks are reserved for short term visitors, student interns, meetings, colloquia, conferences, summer schools, sabbaticals, etc. There is a different overhead structure on Special Programs vs. Science tasks -- due to the very different types and amounts of administative support requirements inherent, relative to the dollars flowing through the task.

Before a new R&D activity can commence, there must be an agreement about either creating a new task or including the activity under an existing task. To verify if an existing task can be utilized, please contact David Holdridge.

To establish a new task, the sponsor needs to provide the following information to David Holdridge – preferably in an e-mail:


Task Name:
Sponsor Name:
Sponsor Code & e-mail:
Cognizant Resource Analyst Name & E-mail Address:
Brief Statement of Work:
Budget Assumptions/Limitations:
Names and Contact Information for any Key Personnel Needed:
Desired or Preferred CRESST Partner Assignment: (UMCP, UMBC, or USRA)
Desired Start Date:
Expected Task Duration (If known):
Termination Date (if any):
Comments and/or Special Circumstances: (Be sure to include information on any conversations with and/or commitments made to the key personnel)

Following receipt of this information:

  • Program Manager will assign a task number/name, and confirm/coordinate assumptions with the CRESST Management Council.
  • After Management Council concurrence, the Program Manager generates a New Task Information form and sends this to the cognizant Code 600 resource analyst, requesting the analyst to confirm that there are sufficient funds available for the defined task.
  • Upon receipt of this confirmation, the Program Manager then requests permission from the CATO, Frank Marshall to activate the task.
  • Upon receipt of the e-mail concurrence, The CRESST Program Manager confirms the task creation with the sponsor, the RA, and "formally" delegates the necessary activity to the CRESST partner(s) involved in the implementation.
  • Subsequently, an updated CRESST Task Master update is distributed to the Grants Officer, the CATO, the GSFC Resources Officer, Natasha Saunders, as well as all relevant CRESST personnel to confirm the existance of the new task.

(Last updated 8/16/10)