Costs & Reporting

Each new hire under CRESST will be assigned to one of the three institutions – at the outset of the recruitment/hiring process. This assignment will be based in part on the preferences expressed by the sponsor and also CRESST will take into consideration any previous connections to, or likely collaborations with, individuals or groups at one of the three partners. Also, assignments to one of the three members are influenced by current and projected staffing levels compared to the planned scientist apportionment within the underlying CRESST partnership teaming agreement. We treat CRESST employees of the three institutions as similarly as possible. Our goal is to treat all CRESST employees well.

Ph.D. level CRESST scientists are hired into one of four appointment grades or levels. This table shows the grade level/title and a summary of the characteristics normally needed to qualify for each level. Appointment terms, as well as the associated fringe benefit packages, are specific to the hiring institution. Salaries are competitive, commensurate with experience and productivity.

The cost for scientists working under CRESST depends on a number of individual factors. In addition to salary level and travel requirements, each of the institutions has different ways of calculating benefits and overhead. It is not possible to say up-front what the total costs will be. Individual employee salaries interact with their choice and use of fringe benefits. CRESST sponsors are charged for the expenses associated with their person and CRESST will work-up an estimate based on a certain set of assumptions. We consult with sponsors about travel and other expenses. The CRESST management team understands the need to be frugal and will work with sponsors to control expenses.

Once a task has been established, the sponsor as well as the cognizant GSFC resource analyst supporting CRESST will be supplied a projected annual budget. Sponsors will be billed approximately once a month to cover anticipated costs for the following month. Adjustments to these monthly invoices will be made based on actual expenses incurred as the year progresses. Sponsors will ultimately be billed only for actual costs incurred.