CRESST Summer Internship Program

Program Status:

As of May 1st, 2013, the CRESST Summer Internship Program for summer of 2013 is almost set. We have matched about 12 students with projects and mentors for the summer. While there may still be a few additional offers, unless you have receive a communication from us, you should consider other options. We encourage you to apply again next year.

General Program Description:

The CRESST partnership is planning to select between six and fifteen students, on a competitive basis, to participate in summer internships on-site at GSFC for the summer of 2013. These are nominally 10-week paid internships ($5,000 for undergrads and $6,000 for graduate-level students), primarily but not exclusively for undergraduate level college students. It is expected all students would be attending U.S. universities. Students need not be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. However, citizens from designated countries, are not able to work on-site at GSFC, and therefore are ineligible for this internship program. The standard internship period for 2013 will be June 3rd through August 9th. Deviations from this specific period are possible with the agreement of the designated sponsor.

Applicants are selected on the basis of qualifications and motivation to conduct a bona fide research-related project in conjunction with a GSFC-based Ph.D. research scientist in one of the space science disciplines. During the screening and review process, we will attempt to match applicants with appropriate GSFC scientists and projects.

Internship Projects

Internships are available on a variety of topics, within the three space science divisions at NASA/GSFC: Astrophysics Science, Heliophyiscs, and Solar System Exploration. To exemplify the type of opportunities likely to become available, see sample research project reports from previous years.

Also, here is a set of OPPORTUNITIES WITH THE FERMI SCIENCE TEAM, for the summer of 2013, along with a flyer.

Travel and Housing for Non-Local Students

Students selected for a CRESST Internship, who are not local to the Washington DC metropolitan area, depending on individual need, may request financial assistance for round trip travel expenses. CRESST will reimburse allowable round-trip travel expenses between your home or university and Greenbelt, MD, normally up to a maximum of $500. This does not apply to those whose permanent residence is in the DC-Baltimore area.

For those needing assistance, CRESST can provide a number of housing leads or referrals for good places to find housing for the summer. Monthly rents in the neighborhood are typically $500 - $1,000. Most locations require use of public transportation or a personal automobile. CRESST can also assist with organizing car pools.

Internship Applications

CRESST operates its internship program in conjunction with other similar programs at NASA/GSFC. Since all students are expected to work on-site at Goddard, applicants to the CRESST Internships must be coordinated with NASA/GSFC. There are two application pathways:

1. For US citizens and US permanent residents (green card holders): apply by going to the OSSI (NASA One Stop [intern/fellow] Shopping Inititive) website. This website enables students to apply for internships and fellowships throughout NASA, including here at GSFC, but is limited to U.S. citizens. In your essay, please include the acronym "CRESST." In that way, our review committee can be certain to consider your application for your chosen CRESST internships, as well as match you with other opportunities that may become available at the last moment. Note, while the published application deadline on OSSI is later, CRESST requires all applications and supporting materials to be submitted by February 1, 2013.

2. For foreign national students (affiliated with a US college/university and not from the designated countries), please use the application form(s) below and follow the instructions within::

Internship Application Form (.doc file)

Internship Application Form (.pdf file)

The deadline for Student Internship applications, for the summer of 2013 is February 1, 2013.

For further information or questions, contact the CRESST Program Manager.

(Last Updated: 1/5/13)