This webpage is intended for use by CRESST Interns who have received definitive internship offers and who are in need of housing for the summer of 2016.

This internship is not able to provide a housing subsidy in addition to the stipend. So, students need to arrange for and cover the costs associated with their own housing. However, CRESST is committed to helping students find acceptable housing. As a starting point, from our previous experience, we make the following suggestions:

1. Several of our previous interns have been able to lease a room in one of the Sororities/Fraternities at the University of Maryland (UMD). The University owns 21 properties that are leased to Fraternity and Sorority alumni corporations for use by their members. Some of those chapters make their houses available for use during the summer months. Inquiries can be made to Heidi Biffl, Housing Coordinator in the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life (301-314-7780) or

2. The Courtyards is a public/private partnership between the UMD at College Park and Capstone Companies. The facility is located at 8000 Boteler Lane, College Park, MD 20740. The Courtyards has an active "re-leasing" program whereby students with annual leases are interested (even anxious) to lease out their unused room for the summer. Visit for details. Toward the foot of this page, you'll see a "re-lease" bulletin board where you can post an "apartment needed" ad or review posts from current tenants looking to re-lease for the summer. Monthly lease rates are in the $6-700 range, but negotiations are usually possible between the summer and long-term lessees. Long-term lessees normally begin looking for re-leases beginning in April. A contact for further questions at Capstone is Kelly Riding, Leasing Manager, at 301-314-4784. (Metrobus service is available, but it is not direct). (Most of the "re-leases" have an end date of 7/31, unless you are able to negotiate an extension with the apartment lessee).

3. Greenbelt Lodge, in old Greenbelt, offers a limited number of fully-furnished rooms for rent, 3 months is preferred. Greenbelt Lodge's website is (Metrobus service is available to/from GSFC).

4. Franklin Park Apartments also has short-term leases. The cost for 1 BR is ~$1039/month. Metrobus is also available. They are located at 6220 Springhill Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770. See: for more information. (866-850-2948) (301-474-1600, Crystal Cornish;

5. Gates of Cipriano - 1 BR ~$1,495/month. The apts. are unfurnished, and utilities are extra. They are located at 8501 Greenbelt Road Greenbelt, right across from the GSFC main gate. See: for more information (866-740-4210; 301-552-1000). This is on the G-12/14/15/16 bus route.

DC/Maryland Metrorail service is available to the New Carrolton, College Park and Greenbelt stations. See for information. Metrobus service for NASA/GSFC and at least some of the housing recommendations are on the "Greenbelt-New Carrolton Line. For maps and schedules, see The G-12/15/16 buses connect with GSFC.

The University of Maryland Shuttle system runs buses from the UM campus to some areas of College Park and Greenbelt. The shuttle #139 "NASA Goddard" will deliver you to either the Main Gate or the Visitor's Center at GSFC. You MUST have a student/university ID (not necessarily from UMD) to ride. For information on routes and schedules, see:

When you begin the search process, keep Ms. Virginia Peles, our Internship Coordinator, aware of developments, and she'll make you aware of others from the Program aiming at the same facility, with whom you may be able to share rooms and/or transportation. Her contact information is listed above, under Administration Staff. It is always good to check ratings and references before reserving housing at any of the above locations. If you are having trouble finding a place, contact Ms. Peles. There are also individuals working at GSFC who may be interested to have a student "boarder" in their home for the summer.

(Last Updated: 3/21/2016)