Research Opportunities

Graduate Student Opportunities

Graduate student research projects are undertaken in conjunction with a GSFC-based researcher on a case-by-case basis. The CRESST/GSFC connection offers opportunities for graduate students, normally enrolled in either University of Maryland at College Park or University of Maryland, Baltimore County, to become involved in space-related data analysis, observation, and/or hardware development in conjunction with second year projects and/or thesis research. The GSFC contact often becomes a member of the student's thesis committee, though the student must have an official/primary advisor on-campus.

If you are a GSFC-based researcher interested in working with a student or a student interested in a connection to GSFC, please contact the Program Manager, David Holdridge, or the cognizant CRESST Associate Director for assistance.

As an example of some grad student research opportunities, here is a poster we are currently using (for the fall-spring 2013-2014) to recruit students to work within the Laboratory for Observational Cosmology.


(Last updated: 10/16/13)